184 Night Train to Bangkok


105-all-aboard   106-bikes-aboard1                                                                                                                                                       

Waiting always makes the time seem to crawl. We had to vacate our room at 1:00. We got all the bike bags packed then loaded the bikes and rode to the station. Still 2 hours to train time, we pulled the bags off and stuffed them into our new plastic luggage. For dinner, food from a little vendor at the station.

They moved the cars up and allowed us to enter at 7:00 PM. We got bags aboard then waited for the engine and baggage car to hookup. This kind of travel is almost as demanding as cycling. You can see that Cat has us set up housekeeping in our car, she has 2 glasses of wine in the video. Finally we lifted the bikes into the baggage car and it was “All Aboard for Bangkok.”