228 No Boat, Bugs on the Bus


No Boat, no strength and feeling puny. No way we could cycle 146 Ks to Kompong Thom. And, no evidence that there’d be a hotel there or any where between here and there.  So we threw in the towel and Cat organized a bus ride with Sok Sokha Travel.

Socheat, the rep came to the hotel with tickets. He was so nice we knew that we had made a good decision. He also  made contact with the Manager of the Phnom Penh Office and he will be there to help. 

562-bite-a-spiderThe only stop on the bus ride was a small roadside food stall with dank toilet. The only pictures we took were these. The one above is some kind of large bug, this one is dried or cooked spiders.

Watching locals dig around for the juicy ones didn’t help our churning stomachs much.

No, we didn’t try them.

563-fresh-spiderIf your taste preference is fresh they had live spiders in this bucket. YUM………………..

Some of our fellow passengers bought the dried ones in little plastic bags and ate them like popcorn.