105 No Broken Bones

No Broken Bones

No Broken Bones

Thanks to Julian we were on our way to the Columbia Asia Medical Center right after breakfast. The clinic is busy like most but they took my info and after just 20 minutes they were doing an X-Ray of my right shoulder. The prognosis, nothing broken just muscle damage. It’s still so painful that I can’t raise my right arm without assisting with my left. With the proff that I wouldn’t be doing irreparable damage I began massaging and flexing. Slow process but it did begin to loosen up. We took taxi to the clinic and bus back at one tenth the cost. We both love public transportation, Cat loves a bargain.

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Igel & PaolaApril 6th, 2009 at 6:44 pm

Hola los dos,

we hope, Pat is better now!!!
Imagine, we are in Peru again, and we remember 2005 and the “Paijan Vice” Connection… Soon we will be in Trujillo!!!

Greetings from Nazca, Peru
Igel, Paola & Rambo

adminApril 6th, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Oh how we remember Trujillo and Paijan. Igel, you really helped us and we will never forget that.
Some day, some way we will see you guys, again. Please send our love to Lucho and Aricelly.

Today we are in Surabaya, Indonesia. Tomorrow we take the trainto Jakarta then fly to Singapore.
Cat is anxious, we have been without wine for moe than a week. We love these relaxed Muslims here but their attitude about wine worries us.

Turn the bikes toward the north ans we’ll see you in California.

Love Pat & Cat